David made his first contacts to motorsports at the age of five, as his father Wolfgang took him to the nearby kart track. Immediately it was clear: David needed an own kart!

Since that, a lot of thing happened. David ist into car racing for many years now, as a race driver and instructor. He aims to become a professional in motorsports.



Name:                           David Griessner

Age:                               24 Years

Nationality:                  Austria

Teaching profession: Car Mechanic

Course of study:         Law at University of Innsbruck

Hobbies:                      Motorsports, running, sports in genuine

Motorsports since:    1996


2018:               BMW M235i Racing Cup:

                                     Overall winner

                                     Champion junior ranking

                                     3rd at 24-hours of Nürburgring


2017:               BMW M235i Racing Cup:

                                     3rd driver´s ranking

                                     3rd VLN-juniorranking

                                     2nd at 24-hours of Nürburgring

2016:               Opel Astra Cup:

                                    Overall winner

2015:               BMW M235i Racing Cup:

                                    Polepositions and fastest race laps

2014:               BMW M235i Racing Cup:

                                    Podium places

                                    5th driver´s ranking

2013:               ADAC Procar Divison II:

                                    Overall winner

2012:              Chevrolet Cruze Cup:

                                   Victories and podium places

2011:              ADAC Formula Masters (6 races)

2005 - 2010: Kartsport:


                                  Victories and overall wins